Jun 10

Long Overdue Revelations: Number 1

You can query in CSS now?

Read about that and more in the Responsive Web Design article by Ethan Marcotte over at A List Apart.

Jun 10

Dive Into HTML5

I can tell you I am definitely going to pre-order HTML5 For Web Designers but that doesn’t even ship until June 25.  So, until then I’m going to take a look at Mark Pilgrim’s take on HTML5.  I’m not sure how good it might be but the web site looks kind of fun and the text (most of it at least), which is to be published in paper form soon, is published online under a creative commons license.

Jun 10

Odd Design For A Book That Tells You How To Do Things

Just came across this fun-looking concept for a cellular phone manual.

The Phone is inside the Manual

Click on the link below if you want some actual information.

(via Engadget)

May 10

Furry Animals

I think I just saw cute little furry animals…. with balls

(via Tokyo Mango)