Aug 10


I’ve been a fan of Uncrate for a long time. It seems that recently the folks behind that site started another one.  They called it Devour. It showcases videos using a scientifically technologically artificially intelligently awesomely robotically humanly system (their words, not mine). So far, I’ve looked at one video and I’m here to testify that this method of theirs works.

Call me crazy but this video, as seen on their site, is awesome:

Aug 10

A Week In Trailers: The Silence

During the last episode of TUMP we were joined by John for the Inception Special. Of course, we all loved Chris Nolan‘s newest offering (maybe a little too fervently) and beer-inspired love-fest ensued… with the movie, not with each other.

As usual, I want to see what you thought about the trailers that I compiled over the week, so I’ve given full public access to the latest Google Wave that I used to keep track of them all.  I’ve embedded the wave below and, in addition to watching all the trailers, you can vote on them using the tools in the wave.

This Week’s Episode

Episode #60: Inception

Trailers Featured on the Show

Drive Angry

Sucker Punch

My Pick of the Week: The Silence

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