A Week In Trailers: Louis & Company

Both this week and last week, I’ve been keeping track of all the movie trailers that were released in that time. You might say that’s a bit odd but the reason I’ve been doing this, and the reason I’m going to continue to do so, is that I’m involved in a weekly podcast called TUMP*. When we’re on air, we talk about lots of movie / TV related tidbits and we always talk about our favourite trailers that were released in that week.

I thought it might be interesting to see what you thought about the trailers that I compiled, so I’ve given full public access to the Google Wave that I used to keep track of them all.  I’ve embedded the wave below and, in addition to watching all the trailers, you can vote on them using the tools in the wave.

This Week’s Episode

Episode #59: The Long Goodbye

Trailers Featured on the Show

My Pick of the Week: Louis


The Wave

* That’s The Unnamed Movie Podcast. Listen to all our archived episodes.

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