Jul 10

A Week In Trailers: Louis & Company

Both this week and last week, I’ve been keeping track of all the movie trailers that were released in that time. You might say that’s a bit odd but the reason I’ve been doing this, and the reason I’m going to continue to do so, is that I’m involved in a weekly podcast called TUMP*. When we’re on air, we talk about lots of movie / TV related tidbits and we always talk about our favourite trailers that were released in that week.

I thought it might be interesting to see what you thought about the trailers that I compiled, so I’ve given full public access to the Google Wave that I used to keep track of them all.  I’ve embedded the wave below and, in addition to watching all the trailers, you can vote on them using the tools in the wave.

This Week’s Episode

Episode #59: The Long Goodbye

Trailers Featured on the Show

My Pick of the Week: Louis


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Jul 10

The iPhone Needs A Band-Aid

Apparently the iPhone needs a band-aid, and the fine folks who came up with Antenn-aid are going to give it to us. I thihnk this is equally funny and stylish.  When I get my 4.0 from somewhere in Canada and can bask in all of its unlocked glory, I think this will be a must-buy.

The band-aid Apple forgot to give us

(via Engadget)

Jul 10

Changes: Hosting Servers

It’s official. I’ve left GoDaddy and have now switched servers to inmotion. So far the switch, except for a minor hiccup with the email which has already been sorted out, has been smooth.

Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • I love @gmanreviews' take on my latest pick for our TUMP review: "Do you just google 'Obscure foreign films that Andrew's never heard of?'" #
  • Has @ErikDavis stumbled across proof that Chris Nolan has sacked Bale for Clooney? – http://yfrog.com/bch0qj #
  • Why is it the I can't get @ie 8 to apply any styles to the <section> tag? This can't be right. I must have done something wrong #

Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • Office QOTD: 'How do I get a document that's saved on my desktop?' #
  • Just when I thought it couldn't get worse: 'When a file is saved on the desktop, is it also saved on the hard drive?' #
  • Dammit. A #WorldCup match in less the 30 minutes and I'm stuck in a too long line in Wendy's #
  • No one expects the Spanish Inquisiton!!! #esp #ger #WorldCup #

Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • You know you're a top class eatery when there's a large hairy man sucking on the mouthpiece of what looks to be a hooka behind the building #
  • Did I mention he was shirtless? #
  • Just read @soccerjerzey's profile. Kind of hilarious #
  • C'mon guys #UruguayForWorldCup #
  • And all pretence of productivity has officially ended #uru #ned #WorldCup #
  • How many players does Holland have on the field? They're everywhere. #uru #ned #WorldCup #
  • GOAL!!!!!! #ForlanForPresident #uru #ned #WorldCup #
  • #MusleiraForVicePresident #uru #ned #WorldCup #
  • Okay. This movie looks horrible. But the Other Guys poster with them doing jump kicks guns blazing looks hilarious #
  • @gmanreviews President of 3rd place apprently in reply to gmanreviews #
  • The question I pose to people who say LOL out loud is are you LOLing or are you Ling OL. *cough* @sputnikreviews *cough* #

Jul 10

Cross-Browser Compliant Rich Text Editor: A Start

It seems that DIY rich text is not just far from impossible but it’s cross-browser compliant as well. With the World Cup giving me more down-time between matches, I’ve had some time to tinker with my homework; and with the only match today at 1:30 (that’s 2:30 for those of us on DST), I’ve also got a little time to share it.

Starting from a base example at http://html5demos.com/, I’ve generated something that caters a little bit more to my needs. Not to belittle the work of the original author but after testing the example, I was a little surprised that he claimed it was fully cross-browser compliant. In a sense it was; the text could be manipulated by simply selecting it and typing away, but the way it behaved in Firefox was suspect.

While in Chrome it performed admirably (all the CTRL + B/U/I/… shortcuts worked fantastically), this was not so in Firefox. So there was no way to truly apply formatting to the text. Additionally, designmode was applied to the whole document instead of only the element that was to be editable. This meant that the whole document was editable. It’s true that nothing behaves perfectly across every browser and compromises must be made but, in this case, I believe the editor’s cross-browser behaviour can be fairly consistent across them all.

Before I get into the details, see what I’ve done so far with Rich Text Editor 0.1.

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Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets

Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • What is this Dogtooth business? I want to watch it!!! #
  • @firstshowing Is that true? I've heard ppl say the same but I saw This Film Is Not Yet Rated and they made it seem like that's not really so in reply to firstshowing #
  • Wow. Searching for a new web host and seeing all these horrible reviews for media temple. Are they really that bad? #
  • Why does @gmail think that June 30 was 2 days ago. There's something not quite right going on there #
  • @gmanreviews Yeah apparently he thought he hadn't been in the news lately and decided to be crazy again in reply to gmanreviews #

Jul 10

Today in the Land of the Tweets