Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • Please. Somebody score a goal. I don't think I can take another half hour of this. #par #Jon #WorldCup #
  • @soccerjerzey Yessir in reply to soccerjerzey #
  • Saw this one a couple nights ago. A real piece of art #
  • Please. Give me some more excitement than that last one #esp #por #WorldCup #
  • A "via" button (like the RT button) would be a nice @twitter feature. Then I'd be able to make comments longer than 2 chars on other tweets #
  • Wow. I love the polar opposite responses to King Kong from @firstshowing and @devincf #
  • Note to self: stop reading the interwebs when you miss episodes of TV shows you like. #
  • Quick question. If you have to pay for hulu-plus, then why is it 'ad-supported'? #

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