Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • The picture keeps freezing and skipping. It's like I'm watching #WorldCup The Remix #
  • A 10 hour long match at Wimbledon? Wow #
  • Yes please RT Rumor Mill: Ritchie Wants Day-Lewis For Moriarty in 'Sherlock Holmes 2' – #
  • Whoops. That last one was via @TheFilmStage #
  • LMAO RT @williambgoss Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal! #doesntunderstandtennis #
  • Still need to watch the rest of Cinema Paradiso for the podcast tonight. Trust me to pick a 3 hour long movie #
  • I know this is a really ignorant comment but how can it be more challenging to paint a phone white than it is to paint it black? #
  • Apparently, Intel GMA 950 + Ubuntu (after Jaunty) = No TV out. Dammit. Must try some package downgrading magic #
  • @DVDsnapshot How horrible is it that I had no clue what that was you were talking about. Yes, must listen to more of those Stones in reply to DVDsnapshot #
  • This K'Naan song for the #WorldCup is pretty good but I fear before the month is over I'm going to be all waved out. #
  • That Jason Biggs movie had @michaelianblack behind it? Shit. Am I going to have to watch that now? #

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