Today in the Land of the Tweets

  • What a goal!!!! #par #ita #
  • Will this be number 2? Apparently not #par #ita #
  • This #WorldCup page on @Twitter is really nice looking but I wonder how the tweets on it are chosen #
  • I like this scoreline so far. Paraguay FTW #par #ita #WorldCup #
  • I think that's the second time I've heard a commentator make reference to Robert Green's mishap. Don't think it'll be the last @gmanreviews #
  • That's what happens when you try for unecesaary theatrics when a simple header will do #par #ita #
  • @gmanreviews rubbish in reply to gmanreviews #
  • I've been using this read pater feature like nobody business since I got the new iPhone app. Only problem is I never actually read any #

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