The Start of a New Site

Now that I’ve finished my thesis, which I’ll upload soon, I now have some more free time to do other things.  I think that bridge and this site will be the two major competitors in terms of how to use that free time.

In terms of Mashed Bits, I’ve had various plans for what will become of it ever since the domain name was registered in 2007.  Three years on those plans have slowly changed and evolved into something I think I would be proud to see through.  I’d like this site to become a hub of sorts for all my online interactions.  Anything public that I do on twitterfacebook or any other social network will be shown here.  Equally, anything private that I would normally see on any of those networks will be here as well.  But to see that, I’ll have to sign in with a password.  In addition to this, I’ll be able to write articles and share links and images and all that jazz.

I don’t think it’s anything novel, but I am hoping that it will do for my social networking what Google Reader did for my regular web reading.  Right now this is more of a passion project than anything and, given that the seed that started all this was sown almost three years ago and so far has only resulted in an idea that could be, the future of Mashed Bits is still very much up in the air.

Still, I hope that my recent thesis completion (keeping my fingers crossed to hear that I’m officially awarded that MSc) and the quasi-good feelings I have regarding what I’ve done with that project will give me a little more motivation than what I’ve had in the past.

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