Do It Yourself

I talked about what I want to do with Mashed Bits in my last article.  Admittedly, to get it right is going to be quite the undertaking.  Just thinking about it is daunting.  To add an even more unreasonable level of difficulty to the task I’ve placed in front of myself I’m going to complete at least most of it on my own.  Let’s just say that given certain prospects, I’d like to hone my web coding skills and something like Mashed Bits can give me lots more experience than what I’ve already got.

I’m not sure how long this incarnation of the site will last.  I’m going to try and get Mashed Bits running on a non-WordPress system fairly soon (ie sometime within the next two years) and for now this blog will be the documentation of that process.  Other bits and pieces will be mise din as well.

Until next time…

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